I love numerous things Mexican. The food. The ‘ritas. The language. One of my favorite family vacation memories involved leaving our resort to find a grocery store only to be the few primarily-English speakers there. My Spanish needed a brush up – we had trouble finding the deli turkey (pavo) and the frozen strawberries (because they came in cartons, not bags. Who knew?). Of course, my ever-chatty father wanted to talk the ear off of the taxi driver and I’m left to try to translate. Not helpful. 

So as I drove by our local favorite Mexican eatery on Monday, I noticed the place was quite decked out, patio and all, likely from the crowd on Sunday’s holiday. I wondered if everyone in the restaurant got Monday off as they likely staffed 100% on Sunday. Which made me really think. 
A Mexican restaurant, with a workforce of a largely authentic population, worked twice as hard on a holiday that bears no significance for the average American. Case in point: I believe the holiday celebrates independence day. Mexico’s independence from what country? My guess is Spain, but only because of the language ties. This isn’t from lack of education; I’d chalk it up to “I didn’t care enough to remember.” 
But yet I’d care enough to get a chicken fajita taco with fresh guacamole and a margarita every year? 
I’d care enough to have a person – who would truly spend the day celebrating – give up the day off so that I can be served?
Something’s wrong with this picture. 
I understand the economics of it. I get that this is the biggest day of the year for the businesses, so what choice does an owner really have in the matter? So I guess what bothers me most is that it took me 32 years to realize that I’m being a jerk by stealing someone else’s holiday
We can probably add this to the list of 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know about America
This year we stayed home for the Cinco, mostly because it was a Sunday and I’d just have Margarita Envy. We made tacos (and fresh guac) to pseudo-celebrate, and I guess that’s okay. Perhaps we’ll make this the more standard custom. If I love me my Mexican food and culture, perhaps I ought to let significant holidays be celebrated the way I enjoy mine, with a paid day off and a party with family and friends. Not whiny customers. 
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