Just a few notes from the day…

1. Conversation with H Boy while leaving church-
H: Mommy, can I sit by you at lunch.
Me: Yes, that’s fine. Do you like to be close to mommy because you know the baby’s coming soon?
H: No, I like to sit by you because I love you. 
2. Slicing open 2 avocados which I bought a week ago to find perfect ripeness. 
3. Thinking this might show up in next week’s sermon:
Who doesn’t love the Karate Kid? (However, I’m in for a cultural awakening when half the people at the gathering are too young to fully appreciate the nostalgia)
4. Another conversation with H – 
Me: H, where’s C’s diaper?
H: Well, she wouldn’t let me put it on her. She walked away. 
*Note: due to the fact that this exact scene has been brought up in previous conversations with friends, I must note that we did not request this of H. We had simply told them to go up and get their jammies. 
5. Waking at 7:30am to the sounds of the kids already downstairs, peacefully enjoying a banana snack, without our assistance. Just when we’re on the cusp of self-sufficiency in the early mornings, we decide to bring on an infant. Genius
6. Baked tacos. They were delicious. Especially with the guacamole made with aforementioned avocados. Our first taco meal where at least one of the kids ate them in taco-form (as opposed to meat and toppings in separate piles). 
7. I read that Michael Pollan released a new book, Cooked. It’s still too early for an ebook to be available through the library, but I’ll continue to monitor that situation. 
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