It wasn’t one of those days where I savor every moment in glee. It was just a day. A very normal day where I semi-yelled my way into convincing a few toddlers to nap. I made a lackluster lunch. I didn’t even shower and my house isn’t any cleaner than when it started. But so many moments from the day need to be remembered so that when I look back at my days and years with these tinies, I get the full picture. 

1. Conversation in the van – 
H: Daddy has lots of computers in his class.
Me: Yes, he does.
H: He can count them. 
Me: Yes, he can. Can you?
H: No, I don’t have enough fingers. 
2. Miss M giving H her cookie at dinner.
3. H putting on Baby C’s boots for her. “Can I help you?” he says. Oh yes, he does. 
4. Both girls learning to sleep together and the giggles that happen in those first few moments. 
5. JJ reading the “Hip Hop Dog”. (Seriously, who writes this stuff?)
6. H Boy discovering his first bean bag chair, asking to sit in it, and thoroughly enjoying the experience (at the library). 
7. When any of the 3 of them exclaim “this is delicious!” to something I’ve made.
8. After enjoying an early morning banana (or apple), I hear them charge down to the basement without prompting, only to be beckoned for breakast. 
9. H Boy beckoning the girls at lunch, “Girls! Lunch is ready!” 
10. The look of excitement as Baby C opens her mouth as wide as she can in a grin. On multiple occasions. 
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