Tonight was my first experience telling the kids more about Jesus beyond how he loves them and cares for them and thanking Jesus for the many things each day. 

After reading the story of the Tower of Babel:

H Boy: Why did they all leave the tower?
Mom: Because they found out it couldn’t get them all the way to heaven.
H: Why won’t it get them to heaven?
Mom: Because nothing we can do or build or say can get us all the way to heaven.
H: So how do you get to heaven?
Mom: Well, someone has to take us there. 
H: When I get big, then I can go there myself.
Mom: Actually, nope… even all the big people have to have someone take us there. Mommy and daddy and papa and grandma – we all have to have someone take us to heaven. 
H: Why can’t you go there by yourself?
Mom: We can’t get there by ourselves. We need someone to take us. Do you know who takes us to heaven?
Miss M: Jack and Raya!
Mom: No….
H Boy: Who?
Mom: Well, Jesus takes us there. He’s the only person who can take us to heaven. 
(The conversation continued for a little while longer, but these are the parts I best remember, even though it was just 5 minutes ago.)  
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