1. I could’ve done something productive today, like re-organized my closet. Instead I re-organized my food Pinboards. 
2. Last week I lost the handle for the lid on my dutch oven. Yesterday my crock pot lid lost its handle. I’m within a week of my 7th wedding anniversary and I have to wonder if this is reflective of a simmering love. Or a dependence upon soup on the weekly menus. 
3. Dear Grandma, 
Sharing the intel that a dark meat piece of chicken yields a better gravy should probably be on the recipe card.  
4. I’ve done more laundry thanks to Miss M’s peeing at night than all our puking at night combined. Not. Okay. 
5. I didn’t think these oatmeal cookies were all that great until I realized I just ate 3 of them in succession. 
6. I’m not much of a “I’ll believe it when I see it person” until it comes to the weather. Meteorologically   I tend to veer toward secular humanism. 
7. And we’re finally to that “baby alien” stage of pregnancy where random limbs and bumps protrude at the most inopportune times. 
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