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The List: 2014

Before composing this year’s list, I decided to take a stroll down memory bloggy lane and read my previous attempts. I’m seeing some themes:

1. I never take pictures, no matter how much I resolve to. 
2. I suck at following through, because that seems to make the lists repeatedly. 
3. I keep trying to be a better wife. I’m choosing to think that I can’t reach perfection and that’s why it’s making the list, but I suppose I’ll have to ask the primary judge in the situation. 
4. In 2009 I wanted to live more “joyfully and generously.” Those 2 words have dominated my last 6-12 months of life and I can’t believe the were growing roots waaaay back when. Note: when something sprouts in your mind, deal with it then. 
5. Dental hygiene seems to keep popping up. **Bashful eyes**
I’m just going to go ahead and ban those 5 things from this and future lists and move on. I can have a separate life list of Things I Suck At But I’m Trying To Improve. Fair? 
How I hope to make 2014 better than 2013:
  1. Proofread. I posted a blog with the wrong freaking year. (Fortunately I’m over the hope that some high up editorial staffer is perusing blogger for up-and-coming talent. So, other than the person who pointed it out on facebook, no one probably cared, noticed or a combo of both). It’s time I do a little bit more re-reading. 
  2. Live generously. I know, I just said I’m not re-adding anything from the above list, but this has been very close to my heart and I really want to make that happen. I need to open my tight fists if I ever hope to receive goodness. 
  3. Sing more, yell less. I really do try to control THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE (Sorry. I had to.) in conjunction with my children, but I think I could do better at choosing to move past my frustration and think creatively on how to engage them and move forward in challenging situations. My default is anger and frustration. I don’t want to ignore behavior. But there must be a third way. I shared with my group of GIRLfriends (plug!) about how I started singing to the kids to get them to do what I needed – and it worked! Now, not only practically but philosophically, I want to sing more. No more noise. No more unnecessary anger. 
  4. Live honestly. Not in a your-pants-are-too-tight kind of way, but in a you-add-to-my-life kind of way. I tend to hold on to a lot of thoughts and emotion, especially gratitude, but also honesty in my own shortcomings, fears and failures. I might be able to share them freely to the faceless abyss of the interwebs, but to people I know and love? Not so much. So, here’s to it. 
  5. Take a class or tutorial on the Adobe suite. I’ve been ignoring this professional deficiency for far too long. 
So, that’s it. But I think doing these things will bring me to a much different place on December 31, 2014. 
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In defense of: Grandma’s noodles

Grandma Cella heard that all 11 of her great-grandbabies (and a great-great!) were making an appearance at Christmas this year so she pulled out all the stops: fried chicken AND her infamous noodles over mashed potatoes. If heaven flows with rivers of honey, you can be sure there are small ponds of Grandma’s noodles. 

Cella and her babies. The bloggy police will take away my picture-posting license for the bad lighting,
but YOLO, right? 
I asked Grandma a while back to give me a ‘tute (that’s “tutorial” for those of you who don’t pin sewing projects) on these slivers of ecstasy so she came over for an afternoon. We used flour and water and egg yolks. How many? Oh, you know – just “what it needs.” Then we kneaded it. How long? Oh, just “when it’s ready.” Then we added a bit of flour and rolled it out. How much flour? “Oh, just enough.” How do you know it’s enough? I asked. Well, she said, it just feels right. 
I’m pretty sure she’ll take those fingertips on to glory, which has me in a bit of a pickle. She’s taught my mom the same noodles and I have the “recipe” for a little bit of flour, some egg yolks and a touch of water, but it’s not the same. Even my mom doesn’t get that same perfectly thin and soft texture. 
Doomed. I’m absolutely doomed to hate all noodles forever after I loose Grandma. 
I feel completely blessed that my kids are growing up in a relationship with their great grandmother. She even kept H Boy once a week, as an infant. She’d totally ignore any kind of eating or napping rhythm and just sit and rock him.  Sentimental Michele kicked Practical Michele in the kneecap when she got upset. There’s nothing more beautiful in the world than a grandma rocking a baby. 
Even though we’ve had her cooking family dinners all these years and she’s a lively and active woman, I know we won’t get to keep her forever. And among many things I’ll miss, those noodles will never grace my tongue once she’s left to take on a heavenly square dance. 
So, I feast. These things are full of flour and flour and all kinds of flour that makes my belly go crazy and sends me directly into a state of “bread drunk.” If you see me an hour or so after consuming, my squinty eyes and bobbing head might tell you that illicit chemicals are altering my state of mind, but you’d be wrong. It’s the noodles
I try to take my health pretty seriously. “Just a little” always winds up being every other day if I’m not careful. Just a bite becomes a plateful. And if I let a little in, why not make it worth it and eat a whole bunch? This is how I work, you see. I know my limits and I’m careful to abide by them or stomp them into oblivion.  
But I throw it all in the air and clap my hands with glee when it comes to Cella’s noodles. Because food is more than the sum of its ingredients and nutrients.  It nourishes our souls as much as our bodies. Those noodles may have done nothing for my gut, but they warmed my heart and deepened my soul. I even heaped on some for my kids because I couldn’t bear to think I was raising them in a world where they wouldn’t know the goodness of their great-grandmothers legacy. 
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The List: 2012 (In review)

As I prepare for the new year and the ways I can make it better than the current, it’s time I review how I did on last year’s list. *Deep breath*. I’d give myself a B. Maybe B- mostly because I forgot the reasoning but feel I did an overall good job at hitting the targets. 

1. Respond to text, email and phone messages in a more timely manner I would like to think I did a much better job of this over the course of the year. Not perfect by any stretch, but I’m seeing improvements. 

2. Tell JJ my most substantial thought each day. Also, great strides. I’ve made a point to put away the electronic devices in the evening to truly talk – though outside of the kids I sometimes forget exactly what all I need to tell him. 
3. Bring JOY to my children’s life. Again, I have my moments and I would like to think that after having a whole year of keeping them all the hours of all of the days, I’m getting better at this. 
4. Engage with my small group.  Well, yes. And, no. We really hit good strides last spring – and then JJ and I decided that we should try to make opportunity for others who wanted to be in small groups, so we launched our own. This one is starting to gain some traction and I’m excited to see what the new year brings. 
5. Find 2 more clients. Well, mostly. I’ve had an assortment of gigs that have helped make the business move forward, mostly on short-term situations. I’m hoping that one current contract will lend me something more permanent because I love the client. 
6. Floss more. Yes. I did this. Not every night, but more. 
7. Take more pictures. Total, utter failure. Not even on Christmas. Or perhaps on birthdays. I’m the worst mom ever. 
8. Get healthy. Good strides! We’re eating better now on a consistent basis while still enjoying life and not feeling completely deprived (yay for pinterest and a few workarounds). I wish I could get to yoga more often and running in the cold is just too… cold… for me. But I’m hoping to make it more in the coming months. Maybe if Mary started evening classes on Monday / Wednesday I could make it… ahem. (Since I know you’re reading). 

Now… to begin composing the 2014 list. 

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