I cringe to review my progress on 2012 goals; I forgot to do a mid-year check, so some of these received no attention. A few of them saw huge gains, mostly because if I didn’t see progress, I’d crumple up in a mess. I needed it. I read a blogger who reviews his list each week and posts progress toward each goal…. I might need to consider something similar for 2013 as I begin composing the new list. But first, a review on 2012. 

1. Create more. If I can make something (sewing, crafting, activities outside of “play with your toys”) each month, I’ll feel like a supreme success. 
I’ll score this one a 6 on a personal level, a 1 on a familial level. I find myself crafting and making more gifts (I’m super excited to give Jack his this year! And I think – hope – Raya will be impressed), but for my own kids, I’m lacking. I’d love to make a playhouse, H-boy his own version of Jack’s present, all kinds of fun stuff I’m seeing on Pinterest and – let’s be honest – I have the time now. There’s big room for improvement next year if this makes this list. 

2. Complain less. I’ll be a better conversational partner because of it. 
I’d like to say at least a 5, but if I were to survey those I speak with the most, I have a feeling I’d be sub-3. Definite room for improvement. A moment of self-defense: I’ve learned this year I have a bit of an entrepreneurial mind, always looking for ways to improve or make things better. I don’t necessarily see this as a shortfall, but in smaller bits it may come across as complaining about the status quo. But honestly, I’m less about the “how stupid is this?” and more about the “can you imagine if we…?”. If using that perspective, I give myself an 8. 

3. Serve on a regular basis. I’m not sure what this looks like, but I’m doing my research. In my hopes to engage the community, I need to be specific that it’s not the community “just like me.”
At max, 1. Awful. I did do research and found that my time constraints were overwhelming my ability to follow through. Unless I find a place to serve that offers childcare, and it’s not between 12-3 (naptime). 

4. Write something beyond the blog
Based on how this is written – 10! I did it! I posted with one other blog. However, my intentions were for more than 2 posts… so I should honestly give it a 5 and hope to double it in the future. 

5. Do a bit of physical activity 5 days a week. My downfall is when this requires changing into a bra that prevents bounce. But I just found a 30 day “challenge” (thanks Pinterest!) that provides some movement and crunching that I can squeeze in at the end of the day sans post-activity shower. A few jumping jacks and crunches are better than nothing. 

6. Take more pictures
Epic fail. Zero. I think I left the camera home more often than I took it, especially during the summer months. I did grow slightly in my efforts with the iphonetography, but only when the kids were especially cute. I bet I didn’t even average a new picture a week – a week! – on the iphone. I’m going to look back it this someday and cry. 

7. Find new outlets to meet people in this community. A writers group, a running club for young girls, 
Dar la Luz, kids activities (parks & rec activities, the library)… there are possibilities out there if I choose to follow through. 
8! I did well! Partway through the summer I began helping with our co-op, Stone’s Throw, and really enjoyed my time working with others there. I still try to participate, though the meeting schedule is changing, and I intend to continue participating in various ways with it. I still wouldn’t mind meeting others in the other contexts I find myself often – H Boy’s preschool, the library, and church. 

8. Facebook less. If I really want to know what my friends are doing, give them a call, shoot them an email asking them real questions about their life or plan an outing to meet up. 
Ummm… 2? On a good day? Justification: I now use facebook as a major role in my professional life, so I can’t exactly ignore it. But on the personal level – which was really the root of the goal – I didn’t succeed. I have a handful of my friends that I call, but silly things like JOBS cause obstruction (and my evening hours are much more difficult to sit and have a chat). Perhaps a goal about connecting with friends each month would be worthwhile. 

9. Get dressed more. Working from home has a way of luring me into my comfy pants. Though I don’t need to go to the 9s, I could at least don pants with a zipper 3-4 times a week.
Boom! I’ll give myself an 8. Even now, when I don’t always leave the house, I change clothes mid-morning when the kids get dressed and always try to give an appearance to the mailman that I’m not spending the day huddled under the blankets. I never want to give an impression of, “Oh, kids sick again?” because I’ve not attempted to put myself together, even if it’s a ponytail. Every once in a while both the kids and myself stay in our jammies a bit longer, but it’s a treat we enjoy. 
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