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Date: November 5, 2012

Here & There

I’ve got a few things happening over at ReThink Church, a ministry of the UMC. Here’s a teaser and the jump for both. Enjoy!

3 Myths of Simplifying your life
If less is more epitomizes the philosophy you would like to embrace, first take a hard look at what simplifying actually means. Much like walking the path with Jesus makes life better, but not easier, neither does the act of leading a more simple life. Actually, it’s another upside-down approach to life. Read More

Getting back to basics

When wanting to scale back a notch, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed by the processes and products that other suggest to “simplify” our lives.
Read more

PS, sorry for the wonky copy/paste job. *insert arm waggle*

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Day One

Today is the first day of my new…. well, whatever this is. I clocked out of my last day with little fanfare, but big celebrations as I cancelled my landline (just in time for a registered Ohio voter, if you ask me). This morning began as all the rest always do, with a little one trying to sneak out of bed before 7, a slight coffee mishap but overall peacefulness from my comfy leather chair. 

The horizon of my week looks grand. The schedule is thin, with just a meeting, a playdate and a meet up to retrieve #1 from my mom and dad. I need to buy groceries, make more kombucha tea, and start a master list of what needs cleaned before my family invades for Thanksgiving. 
I’ll touch base with my clients and make sure I’m on task with each of them, especially as our holiday season approaches. I’ll probably drink another cup of coffee. I think I might try to reacquaint myself with Matt Lauer. 
I’m excited. I’m ready. I’m a bit nervous. But the peace… let me tell you about the Shalom in my heart.  
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