Thanks, Anna for the picture via FB

The first time I met Vanessa, Wayne introduced me as she was meeting with 3 senior ladies in the foyer of the church. It was the “grief support group.” Later, Vanessa told me that she realized these ladies were lonely and they just needed someone to listen and to bring them together. “I’ve been blessed with the gift of gab,” she’d say. 
So she just made it happen. She told them when they were meeting, picked out a book as the cover for their “purpose” and listened and laughed and I’m sure probably cried with them. She had a son in college, a very busy high school aged daughter and a full time job teaching. With a husband frequently on the road, she had housish duties as well. 
She was busy. But she knew these ladies needed something and though she had no reason to be amid a “grief support” setting, she did it anyway. 
Just a woman who loved God and loved people. She offered a willing ear and loving words. 
I hope to be more like that someday. 
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