Today my baby sister turns 30. She walks across that line that officially marks her old. And of course, she’d do it no other way than pregnant.

Ang is the type of person to accept this marker gracefully. I don’t think she shirks the age; she accepts it and buys boots to match. Her bold confidence goes where my quiet insecurities have never dared to venture. 
I’ve spent time reflecting on my fortunate position of having a sibling I love and trust and enjoy spending time with, especially through the bond of sisterhood. I realize not everyone came into the world with family that calls  nearly daily to discuss the triviality that makes up our current lives. I live with confidence that the person on the other end does actually care about the consistency of the poop or correct substitution method of eggs. 
I told a friend recently that Angie’s love language is research. If something is going on in your life, specifically an ailment of the physical nature, she will look and look until a suggestion can be made on your behalf. Sometimes it seems completely absurd. Sometimes you wonder if such a small adjustment could really make a difference. 
But with each and every bit of wisdom and knowledge, you can be confident of this: she wants you to live nothing short of a whole life. Her father’s daughter, Angie doesn’t want someone to miss out on living this great adventure because an option has been left unexplored. 
Angie lives with an unconquerable spirit. She’s part of the 20, not the 80, doing the hard work of avoiding complacency. Where most of us say “good enough” Angie challenges, “but why not more?” 
I have a sister that sees the world as big, beautiful and full of blessings. She sees the diversity of others’ experiences as a means to expand her options and seek the very best. Common, normal and standard are hurdles for her to jump because she knows that a richness lives on the other side, waiting to be explored. She sifts through the muck in order to find that nugget of beauty. 
So, today I celebrate the beautiful woman Angie has become and is becoming. In Hebrew culture, the women would cheer “eshet chayil” (Woman of Valor/Strength/”noble character”) to one another as they met the world head-on and won (sort of a kosher you go girl!). I echo those words of praise
“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” 
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. 
Honor her for the things she has done and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

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