In the first day back – within the first 5 hours – I encountered more reminders than true epiphanies. 

1. 8 hours is a long time to have to work in a given day. It’s just too much. I’m thankful the rest of the week is in 4 hour blocks. 
2. Computers are stupid and their users are stupider. 
3. Related: Dan W. still knows everything. 
4. This does not fill my life passion or calling. Indeed, I will not do this forever. 
5. Yes, the babysitter does live that far away. 
6. I work for a fantastic company. 
7. Working from home is so incredibly isolating. Poor MG who has unknowingly scheduled a mom date for this evening… all kinds of random thoughts will be shooting out from every direction. She’d be wise to use the wine bottle as a shield. 
8. I still hate making recruiting calls. 
9. It’s exhausting to be perky and nice and all customer-servicey call after call after call.

10. My family still wants dinner. 

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