1. There have been better decisions made than putting the baby down at 6:30pm because she was rubbing her eyes. (Says the mama up at 6:15am.)
  2. You know you’re old but awesome when you have to switch from Pandora’s “Hip hop / rap workout” to “80s cardio”. Related: you get a side stitch after Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
  3. Do teething babies poop more? I’ve not noticed it before, but I’ve not been so consistent with cloth diapers either – and you notice every poop with cloth.
  4. Beautiful day, pool is open, steaks for the grill, and no friends to invite over. We need to meet more people around here.
  5. I realized I no longer have 2 kids and a baby. I have 3 children. The rate at which Baby C is growing continues to astound me and catch me off guard. 
  6. Fascinating: when going through a political poll (thank you, landline…), they need demographic information. You would press one for: white, male, Protestant. This says something. I’m not sure what, but something. 
  7. I spell the word “definitely” wrong every time. I need a go-to substitution. “Clearly” and “obviously” don’t work in all contexts. 
  8. “And heaven meets earth like an unforseen kiss and my heart turns violently inside of my chest; I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way that He loves us” – DC*B
  9. I made vegetable curry for lunch this week. Which means I’m making potato skins and grilling steak as a make-up meal. 

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