In a few easy steps….

  1. Visit your cousins, which are actually friends. Watch children frolic in glee. 
  2. Jeni’s ice cream. 
  3. Wine. 
  4. Eat $26 worth of pizza that you (well, Brian) paid $10 for. Eat too much of it. At 12:30am. 
  5. Go immediately to bed so to act as if your your intestines won’t disagree with the pizza decisions. 
  6. Lounge all morning sipping coffee
  7. Get into the zoo for free.
  8. Watch your children’s expressions the first time they encounter a stingray, elephant and mama lion. Mentally catalog. 
  9. Pretend the car ride home never happened. 
  10. Find that you have brown rice spaghetti for an easy dinner upon your return home. Realize that red sauce washes easily with a bath.
  11. Wine. 
  12. Realize that it’s only Friday. 
  13. Anticipate more fun at local festivals this weekend. 
  14. Live thankfully for such a good day, good trip, good summer and good life. 
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