I think I’ll take the rest of the day off, as I’ve squeezed enough into my morning hours. 

  • Morning reading and reflecting resulted in a blog in draft. Thoughts forthcoming. 
  • Pancakes for breakfast (thanks for the recipe, Shannon! Kids devoured them! Best consistency I’ve found so far.)
  • All 3 kids dressed and beds made, teeth brushed. They’re starting to catch on to the pattern… 
  • Play time outside with bikes and pushing the baby cart while I arranged for 2 more showings today when JJ is working on the rental house
  • 2 loads of sheets and towels through the wash. Diapers to soak this evening. 
  • Started in on preserving some tomato soup from our bounty. With homemade bone broth that simmered all day yesterday. And basil from the in-law’s garden. And garlic from my garden. This is 100% local soup, I tell you. **Update: I only blew up 2 jars. No idea how. but the rest is safe. So while this may seem like a braggy post, I assure you there are hiccups. 
  • Kids played agreeably, for the most part, in the living room with their brooms “paddling their boats”  (couches), managing not to poke out a single eye or put a hole in my wall. I’m sure this will change eventually. 
  • Put dinner in progress – Greek Nachos again, so the tzatziki sauce needs to ruminate. Don’t worry, I salted the cukes and drained the yogurt yesterday. Chicken currently thawing. 
  • When I realized we had nothing to go with our ham for lunch, I went out to the garden and trimmed off some broccoli, tossed it with some oil and roasted it. 
  • Can I share the joy of watching all 3 children devour broccoli? Granted, they mimicked their father by first sticking it up their nose. But it eventually made its way to their mouths and Miss M even asked for seconds 
  • After lunch the bigs raced for their rain boots (on this beautiful sunny day) so they could go out back and play on the swing set.
  • The baby is playing with the doll house and piling the clean laundry on the floor as we speak. 
On deck: making zucchini muffins for breakfast on the go this fall, possibly some reading or writing or project imagining. If JJ gets home early enough, I’ll squeeze in a run and log this day into the history books. 
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