It’s swimming prelims and I’m sucked in. Since my only prowess lies in thinking, allow me to gold medal you for this evening. 

1. Nail choice. Way to go swim ladies on bringing together the team for mani-pedis. I especially enjoyed the individuality displayed – some with alternating red and blue, some with red on one hand, blue on the other. 
2. IOC: let’s talk about font choice. It’s an awful combination of robot and Comic Sans. All parts of that equation lead to failure. I think it might even be in italics. Do we still use italics? Do we
3. The TD Ameritrade commercial about the gymnast who would climb to the ceiling in Walmart got me thinking: is rope pulling or knot tying still an Olympic sport? Because if I’m to nurture his interests and talents, that seems to be his current passion.  
4. The teenager who is still at amateur level because she wants to swim with her high school team: JJ asked, “so does the girl who gets second just consider themselves the winner because an Olympian beat her?” Fair question. 
5. The Olympics are like potato chips. You sit down for one race and all of a sudden your entire evening disappeared. I wanted to see one high school girl swim 2 laps and here I am 3 races later but Lochte is on and how can I leave? Broadcasters, you are genius. 
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