They (the notorious, unknown “they”) say that a girl marries a man just like her father. Over six years ago I said phooey. My dad’s tall and slender stature was nothing like my linebacker-shaped husband. My dad over-thinks. I celebrated when my husband thought ahead. My dad firmly believed in the superiority of Miller Light and JJ blamed it for heartburn. 

However, now I see the error of my ways. Like a owner & dog, they have an eerie similarity about them. Such as:
1. Hospitality. They both love hosting a group and go above and beyond to make sure everyone has seats, drinks and a clean and happy place to visit. 
2. Quick wit. Be careful what you say around these two, they’ll find a way to use it against you. 
3. Gravitational pull toward a cornhole or euchre game. If it’s available, they’re in. Most of the time, one of them instigates the match.
4. Snacky McSnackerson habits. If anyone opens a bag of salty and savory treat, they’ll each need a handful. 
5. Exceptional fathering skills. Their children know they are loved, feel encouraged and enjoy them, choosing to spend time together not because they “should” but because they want to. 
6. They continually encourage me not to be ashamed of who I am, but rather to live the best possible version of myself. 
7. They take good care of me. I don’t have to take out the trash, but they challenge me to do enough that I know I’m capable to take care of myself. 
8. Faithfulness. I often joke that both of them have the loyalty of a dog. While it’s possible to upset them or hurt their feelings, you can’t just cut them off. Their friends and family matter and they’re not relational quitters.
I’m lucky to have such strong men in my life. I’m grateful my children do as well. (And if anyone out there knows both my husband and my father, I’d love to hear how you think they’re similar!) 
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