Apparently the election year tis the season for laws and lawsuits regarding same-sex marriage. I just read that a court ruled a law which would prohibit legalization of same-sex marriage has been shot down. I’ve reflected on the idea repeatedly (and I have no idea why, but it could be in relationship with the fact I’ve had recurring dreams that someone I care for comes out of the closet. A person who, I don’t believe is “in the closet”, which is, in itself, something else that gives me pause), and each time I continue to move my peg further from where it started. Some call this progress, others call this backsliding. My theology professor referred to it as dancing. 

Here are some of the questions that are driving my opinion: 
1. Do we remember the purpose behind “separation of church and state”? Hint: the Pilgrims didn’t fear the state messing with its church affairs. While I advocate voting with your Christian ethic, I don’t believe the legal arena is the place to be pushing an agenda of conformity or evangelizing. 
2. Do we really think that putting a wall around something a group of individuals wants will “win them for Christ”? I’ve not had much luck with that approach, but perhaps I’m doing it wrong. 
3. Will the sanctity of the vows you took be annulled when you allow others, who may or may not share your penis ratio*, to make the same promises? How exactly will your marriage be impacted?
4. What do we really fear by allowing people of the same sex to make commitments to one another? I’m asking an honest question (ok, perhaps the tone of #2 might not put it in that light) – what is our “worst case scenario”?
5. Do we see marriage as a shadow of the relationship between God and His People? A way in which we experience commitment, faithfulness, honesty, forgiveness, perseverance and trust? If so, is God selective about who He bestows that relationship upon? Why wouldn’t we want everyone to encounter a taste of one of the ways in which God’s love is experienced? (I realize I need a separate post to elaborate where this hermeutic is going and has come from). 
I made an attempt to keep my at-times-not-rhetorical questions to the vein of state-based same-sex marriage. I would ask different questions to the governing body of the Church, which will come down to an understanding and exploration of Scripture. But the Scripture doesn’t guide our lawmakers – the Constitution does. If we can’t get behind that, then we need to re-think this Living in America thing. 
I actually hesitated to publish this post; I’m not aiming to create controversy or dip into sensationalism just because it’s a “hot topic.” But these musings were the honest contemplations of my mind lately and I don’t think I’m the only poor soul out there who once believed one thing but has grown to understand the world and the Bible in a different way and now wants to ask honest questions without others demanding that I hand in my Christian Card. So in the anticipation that someone else struggles with these inadequacies, I decided to air my own insecurities about my wavering opinion. Forgive me as I stumble through it.   
*I’m going to coin this phrase. Stay off the patent.  If you use this phrase without attributing me, you will owe me One Million Dollars. Standard compliance of International Joke & Recipe Copyright Law do not apply. 
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