I’m endeavoring a few beach towel bags (pictures to come) as Praise-Jesus-We-Survived-The-School-Year gifts for JJ’s teacher friends. Overall, the project has been a positive experience (ask me tonight after I attempt the handles of the bag. This could change). Throughout the process, a few thoughts crossed my mind. 

1. Uh, self, exactly what part of your crafting vitae entitles you to try to sew gifts for home ec teachers? These people are formally educated in processes such as these.  
2. The zigazag stitch covers a multitude of sins. I may never sew in a straight line ever again. 
3. So this is why the pattern said to use the long end of the towel as the bottom edge. Huh. Pattern writers do know what they’re talking about. 
4. Why does a bag need handles? Perhaps I can offer them a beach clutch. 
5. I bought only a beach towel and had enough supplies in my crafty cabinet to complete the project. Clearly I’ve unlocked some sort of next-level in Pinterest, right? Like the Super Mario World dungeon? (Bonus coins: I used my $10 kohls cash for the $12 towel and had enough to make both bags. Craftiness living  out its purpose in thriftiness!)
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