If money and time were no option, and this chair wasn’t so comfy, I would:

1. Conquer a true, traditional sourdough bread. I hear that pitas, pizza crusts and even pancakes can arise from a good starter, not to mention that we need to have some foresight into BLT season. 
2. Go on vacation. I’m semi-watching The Beach, which while not that super of a movie, it does take place along a sandy beach. 
3. Paint my master bathroom. It’s been stripped and even taped for a month now. 
4. Eat a snack. Said task would be easier once #1 is accomplished. (MMmmm, warm with some butter and jam?…)
5. Speaking of jam, I have high aspirations when strawberry season rolls around. 
6. Finish up the NT Wright book. But it’s a bit heavy for an evening read, so I’m wading. 
7. Menu plan. We’ve been eating the same thing over and over and over. I need some variety. Especially in the meatless options. 
8. Write something more than meaningless blog posts about the shoulda/coulda/wouldas. 
Now that I have a countdown rolling to a true “When I can…” I’m going to have to start putting these tasks to lists so I don’t wander around aimlessly before giving up completely and just heading to the lake. 
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