It’s been a rough couple of days. Lots of weight on my shoulders and stress in my brains (sort of an antithetical Dr Seuss, eh?). But a few things have put a bit of wind into the sails. 

1. Tom’s soap, deodorant scent. It’s so refreshing. 
2. H Boy’s facial expressions. He’s got this new one where he talks out of the side of his mouth, especially if he’s thinking or disagreeing. He’ll add in a little head bob, too. Says things very matter-of-fact-ly.
3. When the kids are laughing and talking together. Today Miss M entertained baby C after naps while I wrapped up a work call. She loves sneaking into H Boy’s room in the morning.
4. A clean sink. I hate doing dishes, but sparks of contentment shoot through my insides when I walk into a dimly lit kitchen with no dishes awaiting. 
5. A supportive husband who says “Go get ’em.” And believes it. 
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