A clear indicator that a work-home balance needs made: you get a random Tuesday at home with the kiddos and you have a list the length of your arm of how you’d like to spend it:

1. Stay in jammies as long as possible.
2. Go shopping for their daddy’s birthday present
3. (Happen upon some jeans for mommy)
4. Hit up Goodwill
5. Stop by samozrejme to secretly get Miss M’s birthday present without her seeing it.  
6. Hit up Chik-fil-a for a morning play session. Maybe see if AB and her growing bunch want to join.
7. Get the makings to sew something
8. Paint the master bathroom. It’s been 3 months now. Seriously. 
9. Research something to write that isn’t just my blog
10. Plan a few summer mini-trips. 
11. Bake grain- / gluten-free muffins
12. Put a roast in the crock pot because I hate roast but I’m going to book club tonight!
13. Clean and generally get things around for a birthday party this weekend
14. Laundry. Well, I think I’d rather ignore laundry. This would go on my “I have a free day so I should get it done” list. 
15. Watch my baby take off on her crawling skills. 
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