It’s time to examine the successes (or the lack thereof) in terms of my goals to make 2011 better than 2010. 

1. Care less about what others think
Hmm… this goal wasn’t so SAM (specific, attainable, measurable) so, it’s hard to tell. I’d say I did a few more things that could potentially drop me a notch in other’s opinions, so if I had to put it on the scale, it’s tipping more toward success. 

2. Accept the chaos. 
I’m definitely seeing wins in this column. Mostly out of necessity. I have a few habits that help me maintain some level of sanity – I do a naptime and bedtime walk of the house to make sure everything is put away. All dishes are done and the kitchen is tidy before I retire. And I’m keeping kids stuff that just sits out to a minimum. This way, each time the kids tear apart the house or begin an activity that has me thinking “this isn’t going to end well”, I can always remind myself that by 8pm, it will end well. 

3. Better dental hygiene. 
Success in terms of brushing multiple times a day. Failure in that I didn’t go above and beyond. Never even saw a dentist. 

4. Follow up.
Dismal. Failure. 

5. Add some variety to the blog
Eh. I tried. Maybe my life will diversify next year and this will be a natural outcome. But for now, it’s just the natural ramblings. I do hope to have KLR “guest post” now and again. I think I might even have her on board with the idea. 

6. Become a better wife
I’m trying. Husband is currently at the movies (I know – solo? Yes. He loves it). And in an attempt to help him to connect to activities he loves, I got him a 6-week session at the pottery studio downtown (a hobby that owes its roots to a super high school art class, I believe).  

7. Run
Another. Dismal. Failure. But I haven’t given up. With the sitter so close, I fully intend on getting into a spring groove. 

8. Take more pictures
Again with a fail. 

9. Unless working, stop using technology when the kids ask it of me. 
Yeah… the new iPad isn’t going to help this, either. 

10. Throw a good party
Not even close. 

11. Begin my morning with God.
Success! I’ve even arose earlier than required to meet this one. 

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