Some people watch something amazing form and say, “I love that. I’ll find a way to create a version in my own life.” Others see it and shake their fists at the heavens wanting to know why it didn’t happen to them. 

I’ve heard in a number of messages this week that “God doesn’t rain cash from heaven.” and “Work is God’s means of blessing his people.” (Genesis and Corinthians – 2nd, I believe). It’s not works-based salvation. But it’s participation in kingdom living. Plowing up the earth and dropping in a seed so that God can make it grow. 
The things which we are thankful for this season may appear to have materialized out of no where and perhaps by miracle, they did. It’s a possibility. But if that’s so, you need to be thankful for miracles. But I’m making room for a thankfulness for the ways in which God grows a blessing: seeds of faithfulness. 
My gratefulness isn’t for self-sufficiency; not at all. It’s for the privilege of participating in God’s work. For the  invitation to be co-laborers. That when we see good in the world, we can say, “how will I bring that home?” and then we work the ground to see what happens. We have no idea what color or shape it will bloom, but we have a sure hope that it is beautiful. 
Thankfulness for family and friends includes a gratitude that they’ve put forth the time and energy to develop a loving relationship. Appreciation for material blessings includes the energy and ability to do the work which helped to supply the need. These things, too, are a blessing from God. Undeserved, but richly poured out. 
We can be thankful blessings exist. And we can be thankful of how they were brought into existence – through God’s hand, extended out and inviting us to join in. 
Perhaps if you’re not thankful, you’ve not accepted the invitation. You’re sitting alongside the pool but can’t figure out why you’re not wet. Dive in. Swim. Kingdom living isn’t a spectator sport. 
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