For over 3 weeks now we’ve had sick kids in the house; be it a cold or a cold or a really bad cold, I’ve seen more drippy noses and heard hacky coughs than I care to. On the whole, everyone is on the upswing. We’ve been drinking our ecchinecha tincture, eating healthy and having lots of long naps. 

On Sunday I thought I felt the tickle and began immediately pumping the tea. The next day I was mostly fine. By yesterday I felt I’d beat it to the punch. 
Then yesterday afternoon I felt that heated tickle in the back of my throat that tells me something’s about to hit. Usually I have a cold and then it sinks down in to my throat and upper lungs and a week later I loose my voice. However, suddenly last night a hot fireball of spikes would roll down my throat every time I swallowed. By bed, getting rid of the naturally occurring saliva seemed to be an overwhelming endeavor. 
Now I’m without voice and intermittently hacking up a lung about once an hour. By “lung”, I mean a large glob of green mucus. I know. Beautiful. 
The crazy thing is that otherwise, I feel pretty good. I sound like an 85-year-old longtime smoker, but the energy level is overall ok (despite not sleeping well, thanks to aformentioned throat cavity of fire). There’s definitely an infection in there somewhere by the bionic color of the results of a good cough, so I’d like to fight it off with a bit of rest and chicken noodle soup. We’ve got a birthday to celebrate this weekend and I want him to hear my pretty little voice.
But that could be wishful thinking on the singing, on so many levels. 
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