I’m attempting to create our family Christmas cards, even though we haven’t had a family photo taken since… oh, summer of 2010. But today only (well, ok. Today is the last day) to get 30% off the cards plus an additional $10 off plus free shipping! So in typical reactive mode, I’m trying to pull together the best of the few snaps I took throughout the year to compose a friendly greeting. 

Now that the photo collage doesn’t look to bad, it’s time to compose the greeting. I like to remember the Reason for the Season, so I tried to turn to a few of the notable Bible verses. Except, it’s quite difficult to use these references in the same year that you had a new baby. 
“They had a son and named him Jesus.”
Uh, I thought you had a daughter this past July?
“And then the whole family fled…”
Except that our new home is no where near Egypt. 
Or what about the old faithful “a Savior is born.”
That, my friends, would be the first of many reasons Baby C ends up having a Messiah Complex. 
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