Whilst looking upon the large pile of laundry that needs folded, Husband remarked about just how much laundry our house requires. I was quick to point out that, as of late, he has only been involved in the folding part of the process – gathering, washing, drying, have escaped him. However, I was informed that he has a hatred of folding laundry; the rest of the process is actually preferred. Personally, I despise the “putting away” part of laundry and have been known to live out of clothesbaskets of clean clothes, at least until the dirty pile is larger than the clean pile and I have to rearrange pileage for basket uses. 

The hatred of laundry folding conversation then produced a list of things Husband hates:
1. Spinach. Specifically cooked spinach piled onto a plate. He remarked, “We ate it that way all the time. I never knew it was a leaf until most recently.” In all fairness, there was an episode with a grasshopper inside the Del Monte can, so I can understand that it left a bad taste in his mouth (wah wah waaah). 
2. Lima, Ohio
3. Folding laundry
4. Putting plastic over the windows in the winter
5. Exceptionally hot weather
I’m really glad that this conversation opened things up in our relationship. Now we can more efficiently work together in the laundry process. I’ll fold and he can do everything else, right? More so, I won’t make cooked spinach (I will cook some and add it to Creamy Chicken Lasagna because you can’t taste it and it gives the dish a hint of vegetable which justifies it as a healthy meal), not that I ever had or that it had appealed to me to do it in the future. 
I suppose I’ll need to reciprocate in the future and come up with my own Abhorrent List. I could start with stupid people and semi-trucks, but I’m not sure where to go from there. Stay tuned. 
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