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The past few days have been a real struggle. The weight is almost too much to carry. We’re not talking insignificant worries like potty training or your kids suddenly stopped eating or being able to find anything in a new town. No, real stress.

I read about the visual social network via a blog a month or so ago and ran off to get myself invited, but delayed in getting the account activated. When I finally did, opting to “sign in using facebook” (because who needs ANOTHER username/password to forget?), I took a look around and then moved on, unsure of exactly what I was going to use it for. 
Then the flood of emails came in. People were following me. 
I had nothing but standard boards, not a thing pinned and was caught with my pinte-pants down. 
Because of my propensity toward self-elevation, I decided that these followers came not from being my facebook friends, but because they wanted – NEEDED – something from me. Like a great pin to comment on. So I quickly enrolled in Pin School, and though I’m still a freshman, I’ve learned a few things. Here are my Pinteresting tips.
1. Naming the boards can be just as fun as pinning to them. I steered away from “home” and went with a family favorite quote by my mother, “If I had to pick a brick…” (Ed note: Marj has yet to have occasion to pick a brick. But she lives in anticipation that one day she will). Rather than “favorite products” I pin stuff that I want you to “give it to me.” These are mostly pictures of how I’d like to dress. I also have an affinity for my board of “mama always said” (recently renamed from “smart thinking”). I LOVE all these smart phrases and quotes. And 5 points to KLR and her naming strategies. It’s a trend, my friend. Jump on the wagon.
2. Google Chrome, in an effort to display its awesomeness, has an extension app that allows you to right click and pin any image. Get it.
3. Thank goodness for the Pinterest iphone app! Now I can be browsing as I ignore my children feed the baby.
4. Somehow or another I plan on using this as a storage shed for recipes from blogs. Still working on that feature. Looking for practical application in that arena.
5. I need a way for these pins to come out in a shopping list for me, specifically when I go to a thrift store. Otherwise this is basically a large, picturesque look at things I’ll never do.

So, I’m ready for a band of followers. And I need those invites back because I can’t seem to figure out how reciprocate the following. But I suppose that’s okay or we’d end up walking in circles… 
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  1. Okay… I keep reading all your facebook posts about “pinterest” and I’m intrigued and VERY VERY confused!! Please do explain to the out-of-touch medical student!

  2. So I keep reading all your facebook posts about “pinterest” and I’m intrigued and VERY VERY confused!! Please explain to the out-of-touch medical student! 🙂

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