I’m not sure of the steps of progress toward becoming independently wealthy, but with husband in a full-time teaching job, I’m hoping we’re well on our way. So when that day comes, I have a list at the ready for how I’ll spend my time and fortune. 

1. My google reader subscriptions will at least triple. I can then fulfill my lifelong dream of reading interesting things and then telling people about it. You can anticipate that both this space and my FB feed will be full of running commentary. 
2. I’ll open a coffee shop that not only finds it socially acceptable to bring the wee ones along, but it’s encouraged. Nothing will be breakable or really loud when it hits the floor. A McDonald’s playland-like structure will be available. Perhaps I’ll even come up with a system where we number the kids playing and I’ll staff one person to redirect the kids if they misbehave and then notify moms when they don’t listen so that moms can fully engage in other wifi-related activities (see #1). 
3. Shopping. I will look cute again. Mostly because I’ll be able to hire someone to pick out the wardrobe and then dress me. 
4. I’ll buy things for people I like. Fun stuff, things to brighten the day. I read the status of someone who’s sister sent a box of Gap “back to school” clothes as a way to chipper her up before the school year started, and it worked. I’d like to be more like that. 
5. Trips with the husband. 
6. I’d write things that people would read. On paper. All that time with numbers 1 and 2 would make it possible to do research and brainstorming and querying. Things real writers do. And since it would be in a coffee shop, the career path would be legit. 
7. Volunteer more. Becoming Independence wealthy only helps with me being able to hire child care issue. 
8. Buy good milk. And cheese.  
9. Take a yoga class or something. 
10. Get my hair cut, perhaps even highlighted, on a normal person’s schedule (ie, not once every 6 months)
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