Fortunately for my postpartum belly I’m running a high metabolism since the wee one is an eating machine. I also added Jillian Michaels to my evening repertoire because I’m tired of wearing elastic waists. That being said, I’m hungry all. the. time. I’ll eat a good meal and within an hour or 2 I’m famished again – worse than when I was pregnant, for sure. 

I’m dying for new snack ideas that require little prep, or that can be done in bulk. I’ve made a delish batch of granola bars (halve the sugar, add 1/4 c. peanut butter, sub raisins – yes I’m old – for chocolate chips) for the freezer and I’m open to a little work like that. I try to keep fruit on hand but it hasn’t seemed to satisfy. I try to keep cheese on hand, but I have a tendency to pair it with a processed cracker, thus defeating the point. 
Right now my go-to is trail mix, but it’s starting to render burn out. 
Another tried-and-true but not working: yogurt (with and without fruit and/or granola). I fell in love with Seven Stars Farm – maple flavor – and now I can’t settle for anything less. But it only comes with a visit from Marj. I need to add something to my mix. 
So, I simply must know: what is your go-to snack? Double letter score if you don’t buy it pre-packaged; remember I’m trying to stay on the healthy side here. Triple word score if said snack suggestion can fool my brain into thinking it’s a Culver’s concrete mixer with hot fudge and brownie bites. I’m addicted to those things. See why the need to keep it healthy???
*In your suggestions, keep in mind that I don’t like almonds. Or chips in my ice cream. Or anything that can get stuck in the crevices of my teeth, really. Well, except corn on the cob. But that’s a meal-time option, really. 
**FB friends and readers, could you comment on the blog rather than on the book? It keeps comments centralized. If it’s convenient, that is. I’ll take a snack suggestion from anywhere if needed. 
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