You know they exist, but moving to a new town requires that you now (re)locate:

1. the bag of laundry detergent JUST made before moving
2. a new hair stylist. My last move I just asked random girls with nice hair who did theirs. Is this method appropriate?
3. a PCP, dentist, audiologist, ENT and girly doc. 
4. my sanity
5. new patterns and rhythms for keeping twice as much house clean and ordered
6. friends; especially ones that are okay with a dirty house and my lack of ability to reply to texts in a prompt manner. 
7. a babysitter… willing to take 3 under 3. 
8. a church (separate post on that later…)
9. a route through town. and everything that is actually on that route. 
10. a go-to cheap pizza place. oh, padrone’s, how we will miss you so. and while we’re at it, a local ice cream joint. 
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