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 Today I expressed a growing fear about giving birth to this baby, now projected to be near 8.5 pounds in size and apparently nowhere near ready to make an exit. I was informed by a young guy that “that was nothing” because he knew someone close to him to have had a child well over 9 pounds.
Dear Sir, let me take opportunity to educate you that you earn the right to make certain statements only after you “push one out” yourself.

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  1. ain’t that the truth. 🙂

    though- if you bake anything like my sister, you’ll end up with three kids that were fairly the same size coming out. (all four of hers were 8lb 8oz – literally)
    and- i’ve never heard of an estimate that was accurate for the guestimation of a weight. if yours is- let me know! 🙂
    oh- and people are seeing me (+ caleb) with my 4 kids and saying “whoa, and i see you’re pregnant again!” … at least it’s only been a week, but man, that’s rough.

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