What I would do with 5 unspoken-for minutes:
1. Trim my toenails.
2. Finish my obscenely-overdue library book
3. Make lists of what needs to be done yet
4. Bathe.
5. Read my blogs. My google reader is well over 300+. Epic fail. (I did manage to read this week’s Sunday Secrets. I do have priorities). 

To whom I would write long letters of gratitude, filled with poetic prose (if I had aforementioned 5 minutes):
1. My mom
2. My mother-in-law
3. My realtor/mover/father
4. My sister – for providing H boy a fun week and for reminding me it’s okay to cry
5. Jill, Melinda and Kristen – they know love is spoken through the language of food
6. Emily (my list of tasks and jobs for her keeps growing!)
7. Cindy The Amazing Babysitter (today we basically only woke M up, dressed her, then retrieved her in enough time to put her back to bed… so much for this year’s Super Parents award)
8. Rebecca – for much-needed perspective and encouragement
9. Jennie – for taking me from stress and lists to enjoying the beauty of my baby, if only for a few hours
9. Brent the Mechanic – he squeezed in my sister’s car and our 2 vehicles, not to mention loaning us a trailer and generally being a good friend for Husband. He’s good for providing an ear and a beer when it is much needed. 
10. Mi Taquilla – for their $1.95 Monday Margarita especial. Oh, que bueno.

I hope I don’t forget to:
1. Return aformententioned library books
2. Return the router to TWC
3. Put the remote controls in a place we can find them
4. Put the dogs in the vehicle to go to Troy
5. Check all appliances for clean/dirties left in there
6. Feed the baby

Thoughts and motivation that are getting me through this week:
1. It’s only a week. It will end.
2. He has a really good job.
3. We’re going to the lake for vacation after we’re settled.
4. David. Crowder. Concert. Front. Section. KLR. Fair. food. Monday.
5. My husband. I think he’s bearing more of this than me.
6. We’re just moving. There’s no Garden of Gethsemane involved… Self, put it in perspective.

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