It was a tough day, a frustrating day and yet I’m not sure which of these amazing people were the biggest blessing. We headed to my folks’ house to put in an offer on a house that we both liked with a “motivated seller”. Turns out that a short sale is not titled for its time-to-close. So, before moving forward we decided to make sure there’s nothing else that we missed after our last roundup of houses. So tomorrow we drive southward. Again.
In the midst of this,
A) My dad is amazing. He’s making calls, setting up appointments, running figures, making more calls (to annoying sales-ish people, mind you) and trying to help us to the utmost extent. We’re forever indebted. I just can’t bake enough cookies to tell him thank you. And he refuses to let us buy lunch. I’m determined to come up with something to show our gratitude.
B) KLR shows up with dinner in hand, takes me on a 2 mile hike to walk out a baby and then just sits and listens and engages me in stimulating conversation to take my mind off the frustrations of the day.
C) My husband entertains the kids (H learned how to somersault today; M’s attempts were also hilarious), works with above-mentioned (slightly high-maintenance) father to outline tomorrow’s events while I engage in said conversation with KLR.
D) Super-Sitter Cindy agrees to take my kids for the afternoon with such short notice and for a somewhat unknown length of time.
I can’t get over how blessed I am. It really isn’t the events of life that make or break the day… it’s who is sharing them with you that can determine how manageable they are.

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