Dear #3,
I fear this is probably at least a little my fault. You seem to be taking on a few of my more undesireable traits as of late, namely your lack of punctuality (well, you’re not early by any stretch), but I’m also psyschanalyzing that you have a bit of a fear of the unknown and a tendency to stick with what is comfortable and familiar.

Apparently, we’ll be learning to overcome these things together in the next few months.

It’s been a good ride so far, these past 9 months. But honestly, it’s time to pull your own weight. Well, I’ve been pulling both of our weight the whole time, but you’re getting to be big enough that perhaps you can share some of the load. I don’t expect you to be mobile at first appearances, but I’m not going to lie: I look forward to the time I can lay you down or hand you off and have a bit of… space. But back to our good times together.

I’m glad I could be the hostest of the mostest. I’m sure the consistently regulated temperature and constant food sourcing are amenities that you don’t want to leave behind. It is July afterall, and this heat-regulation skill can be tricky. But I do promise a life of good food ahead of you. Our hospital serves the best chicken tenders, and well, what I eat, you eat. Eating is one of my marketable skills. I like food. Fair season is approaching, so there is bound to be some delicious fried dough with sugar, accompanied by some sort of slushie. So, I hope that might lure your tastebuds in the right direction.

Comforts and luxuries, like an umbilical cord, are nice for the beginning stages of life, but I have to say, if you stay in there forever you’re really going to miss out on the real show. You might eat like royalty and sleep on a whim, but you’ll miss out on exciting things. Like your brother and sister’s singing. Or better yet, your dad’s dancing. You don’t get comedy like that where you’re living right now.

It might be scary at first. It’s okay if you cry on arrival; we all do. But this Big World is full of far more joys and excitement and love than it is with hurt and pain and evil. Those things might linger nearby and can even sometimes overwhelm us, but I promise they don’t win.

So, I’m asking – as your mother – to please join us. It’ll be much more fun if you participate, rather than just evesdropping through the walls. You have a fan club awaiting, people who love you already and can’t wait to put a face and a name to an idea in our heads and hearts. We want you to join in the cuddles and the loudness and even in the challenges of Family Life, because we know it’s better when you live it together.

We hope to see you very soon. Though middle of the night guests aren’t always appreciated, we’ll make exceptions in these situations as I know you might be lacking access to a clock. So, whenever is fine. We’re waiting on you.
(on behalf of Dad, H boy and Miss M)

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