I took the week off of work to be productive for our upcoming life change events (ie, having a baby, selling a house, buying a house, uprooting, starting a job…). But all I really want to do is plan a trip to the zoo. Or start a new book. But husband convinced me today that some of this will be easier with only 2 kids instead of 3, one of which won’t be able to spend the whole day at the sittter’s quite yet. So here’s the to do list thus far:

1. Wash windows
2. Plant annuals to make the house prettier
3. Power wash the back deck. 
4. Re top the driveway (this is husband’s responsibility, not mine, but needs to be on the list). 
5. Sort books to keep and sell/giveway
6. Sort fancy glassware to sell
7. Sort kitchen utensils that I’ve never used to sell
8. Mulch (again, requires husband)
I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I HATE packing. So the next few months might just be attempts to avoid the inevitable. 
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