There’s nothing Miss M wants more than to run with the big kids. Whatever they’re doing, she wants a part of it. Whether they’re coloring, and all she knows is to eat the crayons, or if they’re riding “cars”, and her feet don’t touch the ground, she doesn’t want to be left behind. It’s the stuff Disney movies are made of. 

The girl will do anything to be like big brother; when he leaves his Buckeye and binkey in bed, she’ll swipe them and wonder around the house. Just this morning I could tell she was taking a morning poo so I suggested we go sit on the potty. She really didn’t want to stay put until H Boy was on the “big potty” doing the same thing. All of a sudden, it was the cool thing to do. 
I was just reading an article about sibling relationships, specifically how to nurture strong relationships that last into adulthood. Some of the advice is meant for older kids (at least when both are verbal), but it’s something that probably shouldn’t escape my mind for too long. 
Ultimately, it will come down to the kids becoming people that the the others want to spend time with and appreciating their siblings among their shortcomings. No one, save their future spouses, knows the flaws of a sibling like the brother or sister. Perhaps that’s the challenge to overcome in familial relationships. 
But that’s enough psycho-analyzation for the morning. I have a canning party to attend. 
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