Everyone needs a bit of randomness in their life:

1. When it comes to pricing, Meijer wins the battle on chicken, Kroger wins on steak. Meijer also won rounds 2, 3 and 4 – veggies, fruit and spaghetti sauce. I didn’t check milk. But the discount on gas for buying groceries at Kroger… this is going to require a bigger spreadsheet. 
2. Never forget that the power to create life is greater than the power to destroy it. Straight from the newest read: Radical Homemakers
3. Just the intro to that book is stirring an itch for more school. I’m currently standing with my back against a wall, swaying side to side, pretending it’s not there. 
4. 2 2-year-old boys that don’t get to see each other very often but love each other very much: buckets of fun. 
5. Baby no. 3 is twice the mover and shaker that the other 2 were. Combined. There’s been so much activity that last night I had a dream that his/her hand was starting to protrude through my stomach and was able to amply grasp items. Freaky. 
6. Tomorrow I have an ultrasound to tell me just how big I really am (apparently we need more accuracy?). Not the way I really want to kick off a weekend, but I suppose it’s better than other medical procedures.
7. I still love my iphone. 
8. The kids were introduced to the idea that the van has a DVD player. They were impressed. Well, Miss M wasn’t… she was facing the back window. She only heard about it. 
9. We broke out the baby doll (with stroller and carrier) that Miss M received when she was born. Watching her carry it around has to be one of the cutest things. Ever. 
10. My lettuce is looking great. Tomatoes not too shabby. The broccoli stands strong. But the weeds are outnumbering productive veggies at a rate of 300 to 1. 
11. Today we bought a singular piece of chicken for $5. The 7 piece meal was $14.79. However, it was only dark meat. Husband and I prefer the breast. So we upgraded to the 8 piece meal for $19.99. There was one breast (we thought that by definition they come in pairs?), the rest was dark meat. KFC might receive a phone call. 
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