Helpful [reminders of why life is good]:

  • Made it through 2 doctors appointments this morning with both kiddos in tow, sanity 80% intact when we returned.
  • Baked a batch of blueberry muffins to keep on hand (in the freezer) while the kids played.
  • Grilled a fantastic steak and asparagus dinner.
  • 2/$4 strawberries in hot weather means an inaugural Grandma Mary Shortcake. 
  • Batch of sun tea brewed and in the fridge.
  • An evening walk with the kids serenading me in song. (Not a single real word was used, but it was still beautiful). 
  • Afternoon at the park with friends.
  • Very few work emails in the inbox for the day.
  • Posted the rental ad today and already had several calls/emails. We might just get that place rented. 
  • 3 loads of laundry done, 2 of them even put away in the drawers.
  • TV never even powered on today.
  • H’s prayers included the neighbor boy, C, and bubbles (the evening activity). These are becoming the highlight of my day. Cousin J is always the first person mentioned, which is also cute. 
  • End of the day shower never felt so good. I even shaved my legs. The entire leg. 
  • Husband is off to play some softball, which makes him very happy. The game starts after 9 which makes me happy (he was around for bath and bedtime). 
Not-so-helpful [it’s already a long 9 months of anticipation]:
  • “Wow, you don’t look like you have that much longer”
  • “How old is your little girl?”
  • “And how old is he?”
  • “You’re going to have your hands full!”
  • “Do you know how that happens?”
  • “And will you be done after this one?”
Editor’s note: I’m glad I wrote the helpful list first. It makes the second one seem much more petty and gives a lot more perspective. 
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