I’ve heard of people taking April Fools to an extreme; a friend once told of someone who all year long gathered children’s clothes that looked like her husband’s clothes or other, smaller versions of all his clothes and on the eve of April Fools, replaced his entire closet. The man woke to think he was a giant. 

I think my husband, or someone else who thinks s/he is funny did the email version to me. 
Every week I get an email reminder from BabyCenter telling me how many weeks along I am in the pregnancy (because I can’t seem to remember and this time I didn’t mark it in my planner). I’m pretty sure that someone is logging into my account each week and changing the due date so that I am always 30 weeks. I was at 29 weeks for nearly 4 months. I’m sure of it. There for a while, I think I was actually going in reverse each week. 
Plus I’m up to 25 pounds, so I’m big enough to be due any day, right? All of this together means that maybe I don’t have that long to go. 
But then that means we’ll have a third baby. We don’t have any clothes down/washed, Miss M is still in the nursery, H boy not yet in the bigger bed (just the toddler bed version of the crib), and all the baby stuff is down in the basement. We do, however, have the infant car seat ready to go, but that’s just because we finally got Miss M’s convertible seat installed yesterday and haven’t done anything with the infant carrier that she was in until yesterday. 
I feel like I should kick it into gear on this baby prep. I’m not sure if it’s nesting or just a general awareness of what a slacker I’ve been this time around. 
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