We’ve been going through the practice of saying evening prayers with H each night; it started as husband or I saying a prayer before we put him in the crib; we grew into teaching him how to clasp his hands and bow his head (well, he doesn’t really keep it bowed, he needs that eye contact to really hear what we’re saying) while we prayed. I tried to keep it simple and repetitious as I’ve found that the best method to teaching most anything. Most recently we’ve started saying a line of the prayer and then letting H repeat it. 

Tonight, H wanted to go first. I’ll try my best to give you his prayer verbatim:
Dear Jesus,
Thank you for today. Thank you for papa. Thank you for Grandma. Thank you for Jack. Thank you for Raya. Thank you for Gigi. Thank you for Chad. Tomorrow, help me be more like you. 
(The first and the last lines are pretty standard form in our nightly ritual). 
Excuse me while I get a mop, as my heart may have just melted on the floor. 
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