Yes, it’s springtime and in all ways we’re seeing new life. First, up from the grave he arose (He arose!)… and then we look around in nature, and what was said to the rose make it unfold (was said to me here in my chest so be quiet now, and rest). And finally, welcome to the planet, welcome to existence – everyone’s here... the finale of appearances by sweet, new baby girls – the firstborn for each of 3 of my friends. 

I seriously might suffocate in the joy of it all. 
I’ve never been much of a nature-lover. I still prefer a good book to a walk in the woods, but at least I’m more inclined to read the book in the warmth of the sun. But there’s just something about a hard, cold winter season followed by a spring that is simply shooting out new life left and right. It’s such a reminder of the final word. 
And for so many of them – of us – this new life is exactly what we needed. The hardness and difficulty of life can sometimes be overwhelming. You look around and see nothing but white and emptiness. But then you wake one morning to the sounds of birds returning home, you see the grass give a green hue and a baby breathes her first. 
Life is full of light and shadow 
O the joy and O the sorrow 
O the sorrow 

And yet will He bring 
Dark to light 
And yet will He bring 
Day from night 

When shadows fall on us 
We will not fear 
We will remember 

When darkness falls on us 
We will not fear 
We will remember 

When all seems lost 
When we’re thrown and we’re tossed 
We remember the cost 
We rest in Him 
Shadow of the cross
(Shadows – David Crowder Band, Church Music)
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