Several people took a self-imposed hiatus from Facebook over Lent, which I can respect. I know the addictive quality of The Book and have taken a leave of absence myself at times once. But in defense of all things good and holy in the world of social media, allow me to compose a list of the wonderful ways in which my life has been enriched by this free, consuming and addictive product/tool in recent times. 

1. Beautified my hair. A simple post to other curly-haired friends and I found a few new suggestions on how to tame this mess of frizz. I like to do a seasonal switch out from gel to mousse, depending on the equinox, but the transitions are tough. Not to mention the indecisiveness of pregnant hair. 
2. Fixed my computer. Twice. First was a screen shot paste issue involving outlook express. The second was a new iphone syncing issue (which isn’t necessarily resolved, but at least I have a hunch as to it’s root cause). 
3. Got a half-priced massage. Goooo me! (And Journey Salon and Day Spa – way to capitalize on free marketing!)
4. Served dinner. I have the makings for a good pasta dish, and now thanks to the suggestions of friends, I have a method to the madness of cooking it. 
5. Learned those quirks of the kitchen that didn’t seem to get passed down. Such as, how to deal with a large, hard ball of brown sugar and make it usable again. Key: bread in the airtight container. 
6. Had multiple conversations concerning labor and delivery using words that would make most men squirm. Fortunately for said men, the conversations happened via messages, not out in the open. Come on, I have a little taste. 
7. Made my friends crazy-jealous of the cuteness level of my kids by posting our preview shot by our photog friend, Jennie Good (you simply must check her out. 
8. Shared a mutual affection for David Crowder with a variety of friends on multiple occasions. 
9. Was ensured that I was safe in the night while a storm passed. There were no sirens. 
10. Learned that OU added even more street fests as the years have gone by. My, oh my, can those kids party. 
11. Was convinced to buy an iphone. 
12. Found out that Dianne married Victor, much to Jack’s dismay. Oh, you slimy old man, you are a people-user. 
13. Created a list of must-have craft items for the kids’ basket. 
Seriously, where would I be without my virtual friends? And now that Lent is over, I anticipate a large rush of status updates and bigger variety in my feed. Welcome back Bob, Jill, Paul, Mark and the many others! We’ve missed you! 
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