Sometimes we just need to stop and take inventory about the good things. I haven’t done that lately. My own fault; perhaps a change in perspective will yield a super weekend.

H – 2 years, 3 months

  • Words, words words. He’s saying things that I never realized he knew. What fun! He was practicing colors with grandma last night and he was counting his ginormous bowling pins the other day. I’m not convinced they were all numbers, or in the right order, but he was counting.
  • Love, love, love. He loves his sis. Sometimes when I’m rocking her and she’s putting out some noise, he’ll bring in his beloved Buckeye to make sister feel better. Too sweet.
  • The other morning I opened his door to wake him up and Miss M beat me in the door. She crawled over to say good morning and H just cackled in delight.
  • Sometimes he even comes to “her level” – crawling in a game of chase, showing her how to go down the stairs backward. I love how he enjoys playing with her.
  • For having an issue with hearing, he’s a good listener. Sometimes he’ll tell you “no” at a request, but immediately follow instructions. I suppose he’s just showing that he’s doing it because he wants to, not because I said so, right?
  • I went to pick him up from the sitters’ and told him it was time to go. He immediately started picking up his toys. Be. Still. My. Heart.
  • We’re learning to dress oureself; socks can be a bit tricky but we’ve almost got shoes mastered. Correct feet optional.
  • The potty training is in a good place. Still a few issues with the poo-poo, as he knows it’s coming but not exactly sure when. So we still do diapers at nap and night time as he typically doesn’t wake up, but we’ll move on that later, when I’m not so tired from dealing with the other one. I can handle 2 diapers a day.
  • He LOVES to play outside. Whether in snow, mud or pretty grass, he’s dying to get out the back door. The other day he put on his shoes and asked for his coat so he could go out.
  • He’s started to give personalities to his stuffed animals and toys. Lion is a new favorite, whom he potty trained and was feeding. We learned the other day that Lion’s name is “Beans.” I have no idea.

Miss M

  • Though we’ve had some significant sleeping issues, she’s happy as a lark during the daytime. I guess she wants to be allowed to stay in the family :).
  • She suddenly decided to give up her binky, which was a surprise. Though the going-to-sleep process was easier with it, I suppose it’s a good thing to get through this period earlier. H’s attachment to the stupid thing has only grown, I fear he’ll take it to prom.
  • She LOVES stairs. Not just one flight at a time – we’ll be in the basement and within a minute she’s upstairs. We’re still working on going down. She’s still learning that head-first isn’t the best option.
  • She’s doing good with food and enjoys most everything. I should be better about offering her more variety, but that’s probably true of my whole family. What do you mean you’re tired of pasta?
  • She adores her brother. All she wants is whatever he’s doing. Thus the forward-facing stair attempts.

The parentals
Husband found out this week that though the teacher whom he his subbing for did put in her retirement, she will be returning following spring break, so his long-term sub job will be reletively short-lived. Hopefully these several weeks will be enough to prove to the principal that they want ot hire him for next year. He really likes the school, the students and the staff, so we have our hopes high – though this would require a move. :(. But it’s a great career opportunity and my work has been flexible and I believe I’ll be able to work remotely.
We’re now slumlords. Well, collegiate slumlords. On a joint venture we invested in a house near campus with hopes to have it rented next year. It was a good deal, the more advanced slumlords in our life all thought it was a good move. Which reminds me, my assignment was to call AEP today…
And lastly, we’re on a mission to find a mini-van. Now that husband’s drive time will be shorting starting in April, we can start looking again. Anyone want a 03 Accord, 2 doors, runs like a dream? I’m so sad to be selling it. I thought I’d have my first kid driving the thing, but the 2 doors just isn’t helpful with a gaggle of children.
As for me, I’d give away a rental house for the opportunity to have a margarita. This pregnancy is lasting 10 years it seems, and I’m only halfway!

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