Per the recommendation of my sister, I checked into Amazon’s subscribe and save to try to save on diapers and regularly purchased household items. We signed up for some pampers, but as I priced out the toiletpaper and dog food, it just didn’t match up to our local Kroger prices. Boo hiss, because we’re regularly running to the store at 9pm for dog food. But I’m talking about a significant price diff, so it’s just not worth it – not even with the extra 15% for the S’nS and another 15% as an “Amazon Mom” – I totally signed up for the free Prime shipping on all purchases for 3 months, with additional months by buying at least $25 in baby products each month. Easily attainable by diapers, I do believe. Amazon wins again.
So in my dry goods price comparison, I pulled up the weekly add for Kroger to confirm my hunch; on the recommendation from another friend, I put in my shopper card info and can download weekly coupons before I go to the store. No more dropping them or keeping them out of children’s reach! Or forgetting you have them all together! This, my friends, is a selling feature.
But with great privilege comes… disappointment. I went through all of the Kroger coupon options – and they’re all pretty good, I must say, but all for products I don’t normally buy. This might be a sign that perhaps I take my home-making to an obscene limit. There was a good deal on Tide, but I’m making my own detergent nowadays for much cheaper than what I would pay even with 5 coupons. Of course, they didn’t have a coupon for the brand of soap I use to make it. Hmph. We also buy very little in the way of crackers, cereal or chips (though it’s not habit for me to ban all foods that begin with “C”), all of which are the top coupon downloads.
You know what I couldn’t find a coupon for? Bananas and broccoli. Flour. Paprika. Blocks of cheese. These are the things that fill my cart, but apparently no one wants to offer secondary financial reward to being cheap.
So, I like the idea of loading up my coupons to go, and I believe I’ll continue to do so (if I remember). But My hopes have been dashed that I might ever reach the “150 coupon” downloaded coupon limit.

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