I just had the conversation that I’d like to limit H’s TV watching a bit more, I fear we may be creating some unappreciated habits. But for the moment, I just need a minute to sit and zone out.  So, hot dog – hot dog, hot diggety dog we go.
To say that our lives have been nothing short of chaotic lately might be the understatement of the year. Husband has been faced with some “professional decisions” (prayers welcome), we purchased a rental house and have had numerous incidents of making visits or having family visitors. I must clarify, most of this chaos is the positive kind – the stuff that improves life and makes it worth living. But navigating chaos while keeping your sanity is a learned trait.
Just now my sister and her crew of 3 munchkins just left after an overnight visit. 5 kids (2 of them babies) vs. 2 moms requires some energy, even when the kids all get along and enjoy one another. Getting them through evening rituals of dinner, bath and bed – even when they enjoy all 3 aspects – can be a chore. It’s even more waring when you know you have a skillet cookie and knitting lessons awaiting. And your husband is nothing short of exhausted.
However, and I say it every time, it’s welcomed chaos. In the moments following the pandemonium – when the fam leaves and my kids have had such a good time they’re ready for a nap 30 minutes earlier –  I know it’s worth it. To have family that makes a priority of creating memories, to have a lifestyle that is accommodating to mid-week visits, to have family that you enjoy spending time with – these are rich, rich blessings. I could want “normal” – when my kids stay home and play, I get a bit of work done on the computer, the house is organized and chores aren’t waiting. But that’s boring. And at the end of it all, what do I have to appreciate? Will I reflect on my life and be joyful over the moments of timely folded laundry? So, I may drag a bit today. The kids may be slightly out of sorts from reduced sleep and being out of routine. But give ’em a day or two. They’ll recover. And when they grow up, they won’t think back to their patterned days of nap time – I’m hoping they remember the times of sleepovers and adventures.

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