Tomorrow I will embark on a new culinary journey: the rice krispy treat. I know, I know, it should be a staple in every mother’s toolbox, but it wasn’t a childhood favorite in our house so I never really attempted to hone the skill. I did make an effort at a Christmas tree krispy treat, but failed within the first 2 steps. That’s right, somewhere in between melting butter and melting marshmallows. I attributed the failure to the fact that my intentions were to send the treat to school with the husband and well, those kids didn’t deserve a treat anyway.
But when I called my cousin to find out what I could contribute as they will be spending the weekend amid the mourning activities of calling hours, family & friend time and the funeral, her immediate response was “LBW will be thrilled with a rice krispy treat.” I tried to explain away my previous failures and offer up opportunity to pick her own favorite, to which she replied “I would be thrilled with a rice krispy treat.” Oh, the pressure.
So I ventered to the downtown GreatScot for both a box of generic rice krispies and a bag of Jet Puffs. I’ve been gathering tips for success on the “world’s easiest cookie.” I’ve heard:
Don’t overcook the marshmallows. (How do you know when THAT happens?)
Use fresh krispies. I hope this doesn’t disqualify the generic.
Cut immediately.
Use plenty of butter.
So tomorrow we’ll give it the ol’ college alumni try. I really wish that I could convince the girls that they’d prefer a cake or brownie, but they know what they like. And I feel that the best – and the most – I can do at this time is learn to melt a ‘mallow. I may not have the words to express my condolences or the means to show my support, but by golly I can figure out a way to make these 3 ingredients come together for a pleasant taste sensation.
I suppose nothing says “I’m so sorry about your loss” like a baked good.

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