In the next month the church is going to be exploring “tough questions about Jesus”. Pastor Greg is going to cover things like “Was Jesus God or just a good man” and “Were Jesus’ miracles just an illusion.” In a flash of brilliance, I decided to open it up to our Sunday School group to compose our own list of questions to cover over the next chunk of time. Honestly, the Why Jesus questions aren’t where I spend my time or conversation (not that they’re not worth covering), so we went with a less existential angle. I’d like to share what I’ll be researching so that I can ask the group a series of questions about questions. These are seriously what are on my list:

  • The chronological order of the universe: Where were the dinosaurs?
  • Why did God “talk” to people before now, but not me? Where is the bush on fire now?
  • Alien salvation. Yes, someone wants to know “is there intelligent life forms on other planets and can they be saved?”
  • Why suffering?
  • What rules still apply? Homosexuality, eating bacon… how do we know? 
  • What did they eat on the ark?
  • Why can’t Matt have multiple wives?
  • Was America founded on Christianity?
  • What happens to those people before Jesus?
  • How did Adam & Eve’s children procreate? (“Sometimes when a brother and a sister love each other very much…. err….” yeah, I’ve got no leads on this one.)
  • OT vs. NT: why are they so different?
  • Ned just added this one: free will to choose and being predetermined. (Yes, he knows how to keep it light.)
  • Then I added: Why go to church?
  • If we’re supposed to listen to Christian music, then why did God give Eminem and Beyonce the knack for such catchy beats?

We decided as a group that if we publicize the questions we cover each week, we might get a better turnout. Especially the week on polygamy. I think I might just record Sister Wives. That dude’s hair is pretty self-explanatory on how a trend can just die out.
I’ll trade Pastor Greg Jesus’ Miracles for Alien Salvation any day. 

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