So I’d like to make good on my aspirations to add a variety of focus to this “space”. I’ve got one post written, only 51 more to go. Actually, I don’t have 51 more leads, so we’ll see how this progresses.

Over time my conviction has grown that what and how we eat serves as a reflection of our life at large. A majority of people in our culture eat “fast food” in the car and on the run. Family dinner is on the decline. And I believe it to have deep implications for our society and our social nature in general. We eat food devoid of nutrition as a filler in the same way we lead lives devoid of relationships that offer sustenance, and instead fill up on whatever snacks we find along the way, be it destructive habits, addictions (including workaholism, perfectionism and other socially acceptable -isms) and patterns of behavior. I’m not saying that people that eat healthier are automatically happier; I am say that how we come to the table and what we find there waiting might be a deeper reflection into our hearts.

So in an effort to illustrate this conviction, I’d like to draw upon some of the food-inspired life lessons that have emerged in my meager 30 years of existence. Realistically, the grand majority of them came about in the the last decade.

Not only do my stories focus on the food, but the people that I associate with them. Because it’s not about the consumption of food-like matter, but rather the sharing of a meal. Some of the people may opt to remain a bit more obscure (and if you figure out who they are, then lucky you for knowing them as well! Call them for a dinner date!). Maybe that’s what I’ll call the series… Dinner Date. Because everything in my life needs a good title or theme, and I have yet to be able to come up with an acceptable slogan for this series.

So, that’s the hope. Stay tuned.

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