After hubby and I returned from a mini-date night (quick movie, we saw Little Fockers. I thoroughly enjoyed.), we settled into the basement and the sitter had left Undercover Boss on the tv. I’ve never watched before, but this one was about the Norwegian Cruise Line CEO doing a lot of shipwork. I’ve been on my share of cruises (though NCL effectively, but not efficiently, bumped me out of my recent free one), a few with NCL, so I made a point to not change the channel. It was a big night for NCL – they also left me a voicemail and sent me an email.
It was the second-best choice of the night. The first best was to actually GO to the movies.
I loved the show. No doubt, the CEO had effective pre-coaching on how to spin this for good publicity, as it ended him praising his staff and crew teams and throwing a bit of money into making their time at sea less miserable as they spend it away from their families doing back-breaking labor. So I’m not convinced I was catching sheer, honest emotion, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Hands down the best part for me was watching him lift pieces of ice that weighed hundreds of pounds to put together an ice rink on the top of a ship sailing in the middle of the Caribbean. Because when I go to places with lots of sun and sand and fruity drinks, I think, “but if I were just on the ice….”. And after such efforts, no one came to skate. Crazy that.
CEO realized that the efforts were futile and he experienced what the team felt on a regular basis. He was no different than the gal next to him as they both felt the exhaustion of wasted efforts, the result of a decision made by someone who has clearly never worked the job.
I love what the show brings. It reminds us that every decision we make does have effects on others – how they spend their time and energy and how they feel valued. It also serves our memories good to realize that none of us are all that different. If it hurts my back, it hurts yours.
I have high hopes that CEO man returns to the office with a respect for his employees that matches or doubles that which he gives to his Suit & Tie Types that filter through his office on a regular basis.

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