On a semi-regular occasion both of my kids end up napping at the same time. Conveniently, it’s frequently circa-12:30pm, the exact same time that The Young & The Restless comes on. I know now how soap operas came into existence. Moms need to check out for an hour, watching a life that is clearly more chaotic than your own. I mean, I know who the father of my children is and my father is not trying to worm me out of part of the company. And faking a tragic death is a pretty rare situation around here. My life looks rosey after a day in Genoa City.
So, here are my Y&R Predicitions for 2011.
Sharon continues to screw up her life by marrying Adam, only to find out that she’s pregnant for ANOTHER Newman baby but (again) does not know who the father is.
Nick takes over as the single father, keeping Sharon from getting custody of Faith. It seems like he and Jack’s old flame Diane are hooking up, but I think that’ll fizzle after the pressure of hooking up for the holidays lets up. He seems to have no shortage of ladies to smooch in the bar booths (what happened to Cricket?!), so I think he’ll just playboy around for a while with some semi-serious relationships but always be torn away by something Sharon seems to bring to his attention.
Phyllis and Jack work out their issues but their children begin a rivalry like no other. They’ll probably turn 16 by May and Jack’s angelic son will pull something from his sleeve to gid rid of Sharon and Summer. Very reminiscent of the days when Victoria tried to break up Victor and Ashley.
Nikki and Deacon totally hook up. Victor is enraged and runs off to whatever exotic island he banished Adam’s wife Skye. The 2 of them drink pina coladas and plot a return to send Adam and Nikki to jail. Victoria and Abby are cut out of the will for their previous rebellion and there’s some clause that hands over the portion of Jabbot they bartered for previously. Jack cashes in on this as another opportunity to redeem his father’s company.
Daisy the Crazy finally has the baby sometime around June after being 9 months pregnant for 16 months. For some reason, Phyllis helps her get out of jail. Though he doesn’t want to be a father, Daniel decides to play a role in the baby’s life. My mom’s friend claims that this Phyllis is actually switched with an imposter of another Crazy, and all this helping Daisy may prove her right. Time will tell.
Cane’s father arriving (and later marrying Jill) complicates things and he can’t keep up with the facade. Some sort of kidnapping/shootout ensues which involves Chance coming out of the witness protection program to save the day. Phyllis writes an article about it.
Chloe and Chance have a second go at it, but only after she divorces Kevin because she’ll marry him by spring. Ring by spring, they say!
The marriage sends Jena off the deep edge and she swipes Chloe’s little girl Delia from daycare and escapes to a hideout where Daisy’s brother plays on her established history of being a headcase. Jena raises Delia as her own until they return sometime in 2014.
Billy and Victoria aren’t able to conceive. It puts a strain on their marriage, but Billy finally proves to be the thoughtful, loving husband that we’ve all known was possible. They begin adoption proceedings with a far-off island and happen to run into Victor and Skye while there. Phyllis writes an article about it.

This is only the first 6 months. I just don’t have the creativity to go any further. Who knows what deaths and births (someone other than Sharon has to get pregnant) and crimes will ensue? It’ll be a good year.

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